State Flag Set - 50 States
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What Do the Stars, Stripes, and Colors of the American Flag Mean?

 The Flag of the United States is blowing in the breeze

Sometimes it is called, “ Old Glory,”

Or the “Stars and Stripes”

The colors are Red, White, and Blue

And each color means something

Red means courage – Are we brave?

White means purity - Are we pure and good?

Blue means justice – Do we play fair? 

Why stars and stripes?

Stars are considered a symbol of the heavens and the

Divined goal to which man has aspired from the beginning of time.

The Stripes are symbolic of the rays of light emanating from the sun. 

The Stars represent the 50 states.

Residential or Commercial?

Large or Small American flags

We provide both!

Order  Yours Today

Decide on one of our great flag sizes, browse your State, order our 100% American Made State Flag.  Get two, one can be washing while the other is flying proudly.  Call 1.877.213.2389 or email if you live in Texas, Oregon or Washington State for special pricing.  The American territories are special too, Call us today..

State Flag Set - 50 States

State Flag Set - 50 States

State Flag Set - 50 States
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Buy all 50 State flags conveniently and economically. Made with outdoor nylon or 2 ply polyester. Several sizes available

Outdoor nylon with header and grommets
Price Includes Freight (continental U.S.)